Wednesday, May 20, 2015

crazy week

still working on the pond.  getting ready to set in the flower beds on outer edges. need to make sure the drainage is right, we are known for monster rains during monsoon.

the spring garden is officially done.  just waiting for a few plants to finish seeding.  the replacements will include summer vegetables that i havent been able to fit in elsewhere.

still raising seeds in greenhouse, flowers for the pond and the summer veggie starts.  our weather here has been very odd this year.  we havent been able to stay in the eighties for a whole week yet.  good for us because it should be tapping out at 100.  cooler weather is easier to garden in, but we need the 100 degrees to build monsoon.  so, climate change, long spring, or just a new schedule.  we have to wait and see.

leave we a comment, lets chat.  deb

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