Sunday, May 3, 2015

babies everywhere

spring has sprung at the homestead.  wow the difference a week makes.  the new rabbit delivered three new babies this week and the turkey mamas produced five babies as a joint venture.  the turkeys laid all the eggs in one big pile and when ready to sit them they stole which eggs they wanted for themselves and formed three piles that were next to each other. they are still trying to sit the other eggs when not chasing the five hatching's. so the babies have three mamas trying to contain them at any given moment. its more than any baby should have to put up with.  they are up and moving and driving all the mamas crazy. the tom turkeys are still pouting outside the pen.   the rabbit is a mini Rex and papa is jacks 4-H rabbit, its breed is a mini too and the mama produced two fat black bunnies like her and one black and white bunny like papa.  they are fat and wiggly,  i don't expect them to be in the box for long, eyes will open this week then mama will be busy.  the new fish are enjoying the pond and we have started an aquaponic system with several of the fish for the green house.  I'm hoping the system will keep us in salad greens for the year.  it gets too hot for lettuce and greens to stay in the ground thru the summer here.  so we will try something new.  the chickens are free ranging and always under foot looking for food scraps.  they are misguided in thinking that every time i exit the house i have something for them.  oh and a new adventure, worms.  that falls in Barry's department, a girl has got to know her limits.  have a great week and send me a post or a comment. lets chat.

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Melissa Treu said...

Awsome ... Baby Animals are so cute!!! I miss having Chickens, I cant wait to get out there again and see everything.