Thursday, June 4, 2015

new month

wow June already.  still working on replants in the garden due to the cold soil from may.  green beans some corn, gourds, squash and zucchini coming up.  also a few pickles and tomatoes working on a come back.  planted melons last week, replanted today because the quail and bunnies ate them.  the animals are desperate for food and i have a lots of seeds.  ill give them the first one but that's it.  cabbage is making heads and the cauliflower is about done.  all of the spring goodies like chard's, kale, lettuces are finished and already gone to seed. i have cans of seed everywhere.  new flowers for the pond are coming up in the greenhouse.  Barry has quite a few fig starts in the greenhouse also.  we use it as the nursery for all of the tree starts, so its full in there.

the aquaponics in the greenhouse have a few Swiss chard, lettuce and tomatoes plants in it.  the tomatoes are blooming right now, we will see how they mature.  its been a fun experiment.  the plants have the most beautiful shade of green to them,  I'm assuming its due to the water feeding system as opposed to soil.

the fish in the pond are getting more active from the warmer weather and higher water temperature,  its fun to watch them pop to the top for bugs in the evening.  the fish should be seriously thinking about breeding right now.  I'm just about done with anchoring the liner around the pond,  still need a few more wagons of rock to set on the edges and some dirt moved.  dug out this perfect rock for a back center piece, just need a few more people to get it moved to where i need it.  we have several plants to transfer out to the pond from the garden area and several of the trees Barry has been grooming for out there.

the new fruit trees have done very well.  all should be producing next year.  the tree stock has been a surprise to me.  the willows are doing great but i expected that.  the surprise has been the maple trees.  sugar and red are looking great and leaved and the hazelnut likes it out here.

well till next time sincerely deb, drop me a line lets chat.

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