Sunday, April 26, 2015

busy week

last week we started the groundbreaking on the new pond.  its approximately 15 x 26 foot. and this week the liner was installed and water filled and it now has tilapia growing in it.  installing the pond has been a really fun project for me,  this wasnt the first pond i have installed, just the biggest.  this week i will work on rocking the edges and install the foundation for the rock wall that the pump will flow across.  the fish are settling in and jack, our resident ten year old,  is sure its just a swimming pond for him to play in.  actually its the beginning of another new business venture here at the barnyard.  its the prelude to an aquaponic system to raise fish.  the six inch fish will be large enough to breed next month and our system will need to be in place by then for the babies.

speaking of babies the new rabbit had babies on the 24th of this month.  she has them nicely bedded down in the nursery boxes and covered for warmth with fur she pulled from her fur.  too early to see how many babies but we can see them wiggling in the box.  should be out of the box by three weeks.

the site has been giving me fits with the comment section so i put the master on it this week and poof its fixed.  comments should come thru now.  he also installed some early pics of the pond and added that section to the headliner.  as you will see its hard to take a water picture without jack in it.

the hen sitting the nest vacated in favor of free ranging the yard.  bummer,  20 bad eggs.  the turkeys are still sitting their eggs and the toms are still pouting outside the pen.  the sheep have finally been confined to their pen and they havent been able to escape.  yeah, not gonna miss that ram.  their new pasture has been fenced and the gate to it will be installed tomorrow, then they will be busy feeding for the summer.

working on several new leather pieces and hope to get pics of these items soon.  the fall gardens are being planted with indian corn, sunflowers, gourds and most of the tomatoes, some new strawberry beds too.  still putting out the melons.  and will hold off for a month on pumpkins and squash until just before monsoon,  that will give them a great start.  the spring greens are busy making seeds and the rest of the veggies are starting to get some size.

better sign off, come see us in the rainy state of arizona.   thats right,   i dont think i have ever seen it this green,  we tease that we could be the new tropical jungle soon.

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