Thursday, April 16, 2015

crazy arizona weather

big plans today. we are putting in a small pond and supplies arrive this week.  not quite ready but much closer than a week ago.  need to go check the bottom for hoof prints and any damage to the sides.. caught the baby lambs playing in it this morning.  they had so much fun chasing each other it wasnt fair to chase them out.  they are about four months old now and weened and full of energy.

new fences going up today for pasture and containment.  that will help a great deal.  they  have been free ranging around the house for a couple of months and its time to give them some early spring grasses to eat.  they will welcome it.

the turkeys are sitting on a couple dozen eggs and the same with the chickens,  should have babies soon and maybe some bunnies.

everything is on rush mode out here.  we have a lot to get done before monsoon starts in early july.  still planting and working on gardens,  the broccoli crop is now ready to eat and the lettuces are holding their own in the desert.

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