Saturday, March 12, 2016


it has been a crazy week..   its lambing time.  the babies came fast and furious all week.  six in total, however one pair of very teeny tiny twins didn't survive.  the four remaining are large and beautiful and healthy,  and busy.  they jump and play together.  they even gum at the hay just like mom,  even though their nourishment really comes from their moms.  they are too cute, and its my favorite time of season..   the baby bunnies all arrived week before last.  ten new meat rabbits and six mini Rex.  the Rex were bred for 4-h bunnies.  it seems its hard to find small rabbits out here so we bred some. we rehomed a couple of them to a couple from Tucson for house pets..  imagine my shock when i found out you can litter train them.

the porch has exploded with start plants.  the aquaponics is out of room already, and has to be expanded.  the  greenhouse has to be relined thanks to the crazy spring winds.  the hoop house is like a sauna from the sun.  the figs are in love with the hoop house.  so the check list for jobs to do is out of control.  the expansion on the  garden is progressing.  it needs some leveling and it will be ready for lots of strawberries.  we have two fields ready for grain crops for the sheep, alfalfa in one but they really like that oat hay.

getting materials and fish ready for the small catfish pond.  and a new workawayer coming in this weekend. yeah,  we need the help.

things will ramp up even more after frost threat and the vegetable  plants start going in.  this place is turning into my new name for it "CRAZY TOWN"  hope your week is great, deb

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