Sunday, August 9, 2015


yeah new building is up and roofed and ready to be plumbed.  finally all those baby tilopia will have a place to call home.  we have hundreds and so many more we are still trying to catch in the pond... very busy fish summer and new babies every day.  will expect new minnows until weather cools down.  i have been reading some articles about large fish farming and the poor containment and feeding of tilopia for general  consumption to the public. i even read a post on my facebook site.  i didn't like the way the articles imply that all tilopia are raised the same.  they absolutely are not all raised the same.. i recommend that you buy your fish from a farm that you have the option of inspecting.  know what they are fed, look at the breeding tanks. ask about the crazy hormones that turn all the fish to larger males.  do your research and know your grower.  in the meantime we will get ours ready for the markets and do it the right way.  done with my rant for the day.  happy fishing.

ps sheep are ready to deliver babies this week.  i cant wait.  nothing cuter that baby sheep learning about their new world and how to survive in it.  and lets face it nothing is cuter than babies running and playing on unsteady legs.  we should have multiples this time around and that will be fun,  as long as we don't have to bottle feed them.  they all have good mamas  so i'm hoping for the best.

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